Welcome to chemiSPEC

Positioned at the forefront of chemical elucidation services for industry, ChemiSPEC is a multi-million pound dedicated centre of excellence, born out of the University of Sunderland in May 2000.

As part of the University's Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences, the new facility provides a range of pharmaceutical, fine chemical and materials analysis which is unique in the region and among the most technologically advanced in the UK. It is backed by Bruker UK Limited, and partly financed by TBCS, DRT, and Sunderland City Training and Enterprise Council.

Equipment & Services

Utilising the latest state-of-the-art spectroscopic equipment and techniques, ChemiSPEC offers a rapid response routine NMR, and a mass spectrometry service. Equipped with LC-NMR/MS platforms, it can also match client’s requirements for low concentrated sample analysis in complex mixtures and where limited quantities of sample are available. Additionally chemiSPEC offers a range of analytical services including a fast response Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen facility.
With a team of dedicated scientists, chemiSPEC’s knowledge and expertise is playing a significant role in supporting innovation and new developments across the broad range of industry sectors throughout the UK.


Tel :  0191 5165860      Email : chemspec@sundarland.ac.uk